Japanese Goods, flowing scents
from the traditional culture in Japan.

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About Us

Thanks for your interest in Japanese Goods. Our site/store opened April 2, 2007, and our company was incorporated on August 1, 2007.

We have made a little and numberless efforts with the respect for each and every reader and customer. We started this site in order to introduce interesting Japanese traditional wares to people in overseas. We intend to make our website, which you can find and learn various Japanese items, and also purchase them directly.

Through one goods, we are glad that we could help you feel something of Japanese people. We are adding extra contents to the site. We look forward to your continued visits in the future. Thank you.

Junya Sebata

Company Information

Company: Sebata & CO.,LLC
Location: 4-7-12 Momoi Suginami-ku Tokyo 167-0034 Japan
Email: store(at)japanesegoods.jp (Please exchange (at) to @.)
Phone: +81-90-3876-3350
Fax: +81-3-3395-9312

Junya Sebata

Items: Kimono Ceramics Satsuma Kiriko Ryukyu Glass

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