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How to fold a kimono 1
Plenty of images, easy to understand, and explaining in the details.

How to fold a kimono, pages: 1 2

0. Before start to fold a kimono, you should check your kimono that is not spotted or dusted. The back fabric of a collar is apt to be stained with your sweat. If you find spots/stains, clear it out with patting a wet cotton sheet. Also brush dust off thoroughly, and hang it inside a room for one day to dry off.

1. Spread a kimono as shown below and smooth it out.

2. Fold a kimono along with the red line below.

3. Fold a kimono again along with the red line as shown below.

4. Fold the left panel of a kimono to the right panel with attaching the red line to the blue line below. The point is that a collar should be also folded neatly. Fold a collar along with the blue line in the center, and make sure that the left red line comes on the right red line.

How to fold a kimono, pages: 1 2

How to fold a kimono 1 How to fold a kimono 2 How to fold a kimono 3How to fold a kimono 4How to fold a kimono 4_2

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