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Satsuma Kiriko
Traditional glass wares in Japan


Satsuma Kiriko is a traditional glass handicraft, made in Kagoshima prefecture, Japan. Real Satsuma Kiriko is extremely expensive and rare, because Satsuma kingdom made this glass handicraft, only less than twenty years at the end of the Edo period.

Satsuma kingdom is the leading player of the Meiji-modern revolution in Japan, overthrowing of the Tokugawa government, and Satsuma Kiriko is the one of the challenges of their industrialization as well as producing mordern weapons and ships. For this reason, Japanese people feel the romance of Japanese modernization in Satsuma Kiriko. In recent decades, from 1985, Satsuma Kiriko started to be reproduced by descendants of Satsuma kingdom.


At a glance, you will find the shines of Satsuma Kiriko are not as same as normal glasses, because it is a crystal glass. It shines brilliantly. It is not in no way inferior to European cut glasses. Satsuma Kiriko contains a tiny quantity of lead, as the feature of crystal glasses. Because of it, when you hold it on your hand, you can feel the certain weight of the crystal glass.

Satsuma Kiriko started from imitating European cut glasses. However most cut patterns of Satsuma Kiriko are traditional Japanese patterns or typical Satsuma patterns, so it has the unique atmosphere different from European glasses. Satsuma Kiriko is a high-quality fusion of European and Asian culture.

The largest attraction of Satsuma Kiriko is Bokashi, the gradation of colored glass to non-colored glass. The beauty of Bokashi in Satsuma Kiriko can not see in European cut glasses. Usually cut glasses has double layers, white-clear glass being covered by colored glass, and when cut angle becomes small, the gradation becomes large, and when cut angle becomes large, the gradation becomes small. Each cut has delicate difference to describe beautiful Bokashies.

And also sound of Satsuma Kiriko is beautiful. When you hit it by your nail, it ringing the keening metallic sound. It is clearly different from normal glasses.

Satsuma Kiriko

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