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How to use kimono accessories, Top page
Learn a formal way of wearing a kimono with various accessories

To wear a kimono neatly and in a formal way, you need to use various accessories, which is used for supporting a kimono dressing and/or its decoration. In these pages, you can learn how to use accessories for wearing a kimono, such as Erisin, Susoyoke, Datejime, Waist Belt, Corin Belt (Kitsukeyo Belt), Maeita (Obiita), Obimakura, Obiage, and Obijime (Obidome).


How to use an erishin


How to use an susoyoke


How to use an datejime

Corin Belt (Kitsukeyo Belt)

How to use an corinbelt

Maeita (Obiita)

How to use an maeita


How to use an obiage


How to use an obijime


Obimakura is a necessary item for Taiko Musubi, a formal method of tying an obi. However, you can aslo use an obimakura in Chyo Musubi that we introduce in How to tie an obi, a basic method of tying an obi. An obimakura can take an obi knot up highly, and show it more neatly. Please refer How to tie an Taiko Musubi Page 2 about use of it.

Waist Belt

Waist Belt is a substitute item of a koshihimo sash. It does not bite into your waist like a koshihimo sash, so you can wear a kimono comfortably. Usually, it is used at the following process, How to wear a kimono P.3, instead of a koshihimo sash. Images of Waist Belt

Haneri (Kasaneeri) / Dateeri

Haneri (Kasaneeri) is a cloth used for protecting a collar of a kimono from sweat stains. Images of a haneri. Dateeri is a similar thing with Haneri that is more decorated.Images of a dateeri.

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