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Ceramics in Japan, Top Page
Ceramics, pottery, porcelain in Japan

The attraction of ceramics in Japan are their rich variety. You can find an unique pottery or porcelain, everywhere you go in Japan. Please refer Overview of Japanese Ceramics for famous productions. Every traditonal ceramics in Japan includes Japanese people's hearts and concepts for their lives. Bizen Yaki (pottery) tells us the origins of Japanese people, when we lived with earth. Imari / Arita (porcelain) tells you Japanese people's delicate senses toward seasons and natures, by polish pictorial expression. Raku Yaki (pottery), especially items loved with Senno Rikyu who is the founder of Sado(Chado), represents the heart of Zen, one kind of Buddhism.

Bizen YakiTo know the background of the creation of ceramics in Japan makes them more interesting; Historical aspects, and concepts and philosophies of producers. Every ceramics in Japan has own background and each of them is interesting, however the most influential concept for ceramics in Japan is Sado (Chado), the Japanese ways of drinking tea. Sado is not only a manner of drinking tea, but it is representation of a person's life and a form of entertaining the other person. Senno Rikyu established the basic concepts of Sado, such as the rule that only respectful and equivalent communication is allowed in Chashitsu, a special room for drinking teas. And his favorite pottery are very attractive. His own potter, Chojiro, produced Raku Yaki, unique cups for embodying their spirituality. When you look the cups, you will feel the beauty of a natural stone appearing from soil. Raku Website (pottery)

From daily wares to art works, carrying on the tradition, even today numberless people put much intensity into production of ceramics in Japan. For example, Inoue Manji (porcelain) and Shomura Ken (porcelain), artists of Arita Yaki, are making novel and polished designed porcelain.

Arita Yaki

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